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Sermon Types

There are basically two types of sermons. Which do my readers prefer?

The results aren’t very surprising, since the essays on my website could be considered expository sermons. That means if you like my website, you probably also like expository sermons.

89% chose:
The sermon explores a Bible passage in depth, using both humor and solemnity to unpack its meaning. The pastor is articulate and thoughtful, and uses the passage to equip us to understand the basic issues of life. The sermon does not tell us what to think about contemporary social or political issues, but it does equip us to make good decisions. This is called an expository sermon.
11% chose:
The sermon addresses some contemporary issue of social life or politics, using both humor and solemnity to explore all its facets. The pastor is articulate and thoughtful, considers all sides, and proposes a clear and reasonable solution. We don’t learn much about the Bible in the sermon, but the pastor does find a verse that ties in with the topic. This is called a topical sermon.

When they are done right, these are just two ways of doing the same thing. The expository sermon begins with the Bible and works toward a contemporary application, while the topical sermon begins with a contemporary issue and works toward the Bible.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Topical Sermons
Expository Sermons