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Bobo: Stories from Thorgelfayne

Episodes 76 through 115

You can read the other stories about Bobo and his friends.

Episode 76, Darryl Sees a Homelander Doctor
Episode 77, Bobo Tends to a Stray Lamb
Episode 78, Bobo and the Floaters
Episode 79, Melissa’s Space Diary
Episode 80, A Christmas Story From Thorgelfayne (Part One)
Episode 81, A Christmas Story From Thorgelfayne (Part Two)
Episode 82, Bobo Remembers Asklant
Episode 83, Asklant, Thirty Years Later
Episode 84, Bobo and the Klutz
Episode 85, Melissa Receives a Thank-You Note
Episode 86, Melissa’s Surprise Party
Episode 87, John Anderson’s Close Encounter
Episode 88, Melissa Helps with Homework
Episode 89, Harshan’s Secret Gift
Episode 90, Melissa’s Family on Television
Episode 91, The Tale of Frono of Ranka
Episode 92, Melissa Flies Over the South Pole
Episode 93, Bobo and the Little Old Lady
Episode 94, Melissa Bakes an Extraterrestrial Pie
Episode 95, Melissa and the Wrathful Alien
Episode 96, Melissa Clears Her Head
Episode 97, Welcome to Hapdorn!
Episode 98, Melissa Encounters the Fourth Morality
Episode 99, Bobo and the Drunk
Episode 100, A Barbecue Back on Earth
Episode 101, Harshan to the Rescue
Episode 102, Bobo Encounters an Invisible Man
Episode 103, A Walk in the Park
Episode 104, John Anderson’s Club Meeting
Episode 105, The Joy of a Friend who Returns
Episode 106, John and Panu Depart for Herlup Province
Episode 107, John Loses His Temper
Episode 108, Cliffhanger
Episode 109, An Orderly Conversation
Episode 110, Melissa and Harshan Go Shopping
Episode 111, Bobo Interviews Melissa's Mother
Episode 112, Melissa Attends the Population Council Meeting
Episode 113, Melissa Calls for Help
Episode 114, John: A Conversation Gone Awry
Episode 115, John Goes for a Quick Dip