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Bobo: Stories from Thorgelfayne

Episodes 1 through 75

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Episode 1, About Bobo
Episode 2, About Hugmups
Episode 3, My Grandfather’s Hugmup
Episode 4, My Native Land
Episode 5, Why I Came to Earth
Episode 6, The UFO Society
Episode 7, Bobo Blows His Cover
Episode 8, Bobo in the Hospital
Episode 9, How John Met Bobo
Episode 10, John’s Arrival in Thorgelfayne
Episode 11, A Mugging in Friendship Park
Episode 12, The Meaning of Life
Episode 13, The Breakdown
Episode 14, A Christmas Story
Episode 15, Bobo Joins the Gang
Episode 16, Bobo Takes Alexander on a Trip
Episode 17, Bobo’s Impression of Earth
Episode 18, John’s Impression of Homeland
Episode 19, John Anderson Has Surgery
Episode 20, Melissa Applies For a Trip
Episode 21, A Surprise For Melissa
Episode 22, Melissa’s Departure
Episode 23, Melissa in the Moon
Episode 24, All Aboard for Homeland!
Episode 25, The Hazards of Space Travel
Episode 26, The Thorgelfaynese Evening News
Episode 27, Melissa Arrives!
Episode 28, Melissa’s First Night in Hapdorn
Episode 29, Melissa Has Dinner With Friends
Episode 30, An Interview with Bobo
Episode 31, The Alien Vacuum Cleaner
Episode 32, Melissa Meets the Duke of Thorgelfayne
Episode 33, Melissa on Hapdorn Television
Episode 34, John Anderson’s Trees, Part One
Episode 35, Harshan’s Good-Bye
Episode 36, Melissa Writes From Halakan
Episode 37, John Anderson’s Trees, Part Two
Episode 38, Melissa Learns About Halakanian Customs
Episode 39, Melissa: Bedtime in Fomin
Episode 40, Melissa’s Wedding Plans
Episode 41, A Letter From Melissa’s Mother
Episode 42, John Anderson and the Ants
Episode 43, Wedding Pictures
Episode 44, John Anderson Votes
Episode 45, Bobo and the Jack-in-the-Box
Episode 46, Melissa and the Explosion
Episode 47, John Anderson’s Two Hearts
Episode 48, John Anderson and the Big Bang
Episode 49, The Planet Earth—A Guide for First-Time Visitors
Episode 50, Melissa’s Night at the Theater
Episode 51, Meanwhile, Back on Earth…
Episode 52, Melissa’s Quiet Evening With Joanne
Episode 53, Thorgelfayne Television Listings
Episode 54, Melissa’s Night at the Movies
Episode 55, Bobo’s Loneliness
Episode 56, How to Keep Your Hugmup Happy
Episode 57, Bobo Files for Unemployment
Episode 58, John Sleeps Under the Stars
Episode 59, Interview With the Despot of Ustrank
Episode 60, Bobo Finds a New Job
Episode 61, Harshan and the Litigious Human
Episode 62, John Anderson and the Bank Robbery
Episode 63, Bobo’s Thoughts on War
Episode 64, Melissa and Harshan Make a Decision
Episode 65, John Anderson Teaches English
Episode 66, Melissa Get Homesick for Thorgelfayne
Episode 67, John Anderson Learns the Skritch
Episode 68, Harshan Learns About Dogs
Episode 69, John Anderson Tours the Ducal Residence
Episode 70, Harshan: The New Father
Episode 71, Bobo and the Boy Who Loved Snakes
Episode 72, Bobo Waits for the Bus
Episode 73, An Alien Bedtime Story
Episode 74, Darryl Makes a Discovery
Episode 75, Melissa and Harshan Dine With Friends