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14 February 2013
I have added a bulletin insert that explains Communion.
30 December 2012
As the pastor, I lead worship every Sunday. Every time I announce a hymn, I say, “Please stand if you are able.” I finally figured out why that bothered me, and I found a better way.
10 December 2012
Nowadays there are people on TV who apparently believe that God agrees with all their opinions. They talk about social and political issues as if they were core dogmas of Christianity, but when I was a child, my Sunday School teacher never taught anything like that. It's confusing. Has Christianity made so many drastic changes, or are people in error? A better question is how can you spot a spiritual Christian who is not wrapped around the axle of this world?
14 September 2012
Over the last few days, I’ve been working on the appearance of my website, as you have probably noticed. Up until now, I had to rely on fonts that were already on your computer. From now on, it doesn’t matter. I’m sending the fonts to you from the web server. Occasionally there will be a brief delay while your browser downloads the font information, but I hope the result is better looking and easier on your eyes.
20 August 2012
I’ve been doing more work in the “boiler room” of my website. Now that I have revamped the search feature, I’ve changed my web development tools.

In 1995, I started my website by writing my HTML code in Microsoft Word. However, Microsoft “improved” Word to the point it was unusable for that purpose. I switched to Microsoft FrontPage, which after several versions also got “improved” into uselessness, and that is probably why it no longer exists. After that I moved the website to Dreamweaver, which was a very difficult transition. I finally got fed up with Dreamweaver’s whacky implementation of the keyboard, so now I have switched to BBEdit. I like working with it very much, but there are always glitches. If you encounter one, let me know so I can fix it.

14 August 2012
Over the last two days, I have replaced my search feature. Someone told me that the old one would only show the first page of the results. The new one should work better. Let me know if you have problems with it.
7 August 2012
I answered the question, Why would anyone choose hell?
9 May 2012
Many translations make the gospel of John was anti-Semitic, and that the disciples disparaged Jews. I maintain that this is a long-standing translation mistake.
10 January 2012
I added a somewhat scathing review of the Common English Bible.
17 September 2011
I put information about inclusive language in Bible translations on a separate page.
5 September 2011
I added amice (a vestment) to the glossary.
4 July 2011
I have pretty much finished the conversion to my website to HTML5. At least the heavy lifting is done. I have also reindexed the search feature so it will be more accurate. If your browser is up-to-date, everything will look fine, even if you use Internet Explorer! Any other browser is better, and they are all free. Don’t worry, you can have more than one on your computer at the same time. I know. I have five.
13 June 2011
I have restructured the entire website. Since 1995, most of the files have been in the root directory, which has become a very crowded place. I have gathered the files into topical subdirectories so they are more manageable. However, no links are broken! If you type in:

The server automatically redirects you to the true location of the page:

If you have a website page that links to one of my articles, the links still work, but in the spirit of good housekeeping, I recommend that you edit the page to update the links.

8 June 2011
I think I have figured how to circumvent Internet Explorer’s deficiencies so that people who use that browser can see the animations on my website. Let me know if there are any weirdities.
3 June 2011
I am changing my website to HTML5. It’s not just the latest and greatest, it is safer, better, easier on your computer, and paves the way for new features, such as instructional videos. Only if you keep your browser up to date!
17 February 2011
I modified my assessments of modern English Bible translations and added a section on the deficiencies of inclusive language in translations of ancient texts.
5 February 2011
I added a section of my website with original poetry, which you may enjoy. Or not.
13 August 2010
After [metaphorically] banging my head against the wall for nearly a year, I finally figured out why the search feature didn’t work and fixed it. Hooray! You can now search this site!
30 July 2010
I added The Synoptics and John, an essay about the difference between Matthew, Mark, and Luke on the one hand, and John on the other
27 July 2010
I added What’s Going on Here? Jesus Is Getting Baptized?
9 July 2010
I added The Future History of the Church, which Jesus told to His apostles.